Bonhomme Watches was born from a passion deep within me, Reece, the owner and founder.

I’ve loved collecting watches for as long as I can remember, intrigued by the intricacy of the movement - gears turning as each second goes by. To me, it serves as a reminder that another precious moment has passed and not to take the next one for granted.

For years I wanted to turn my passion for watches into my work and I knew deep down that I had to go for it, so I decided it was time for a leap of faith and Bonhomme Watches was born. 

The journey began with finding a name suitable enough to represent me as a person and my passion. It couldn’t just be any old watch company, it had to have meaning. ‘Bonhomme’ originates from the French words ‘bon’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘homme’ meaning ‘man’, which forms ‘a good man’. I believe this is something every man should strive to be, hence why I felt ‘Bonhomme’ was the perfect fit. 

I wanted to create everyday watches for everyday people. Watches that are affordable but still have that sense of refinement and style. Watches that I would not only be proud to wear myself, but watches I would be confident in sharing with you. 

I believe watches add enhancement and style to any and every outfit. Every time I put on a watch I feel my outfit is complete, it’s like adding that final touch, that last bit of polish. 

Putting on a watch for me, evokes a sense of quiet confidence and self-belief. I want you to have that same feeling every time you wear one of my watches. Every time you look down at a Bonhomme watch I want you to remember to make the most of every moment before it passes by.

Be inspired and be a good man!